Transportation to a Constellation

Welcome to M9 Contemporary, a website showcasing works by visual artists Michael Davey and Delwyn Higgens and linking with their latest venture, the M9 Contemporary Art Centre on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

In establishing M9 Contemporary Art Centre we intend to provide a place where visiting artists can draw on the spectacular natural setting and infinite sources of inspiration offered by the Bruce Peninsula in creating their own body of work on-site. Visitors will encounter the geological features of the centuries old Niagara Escarpment populated by rare plants, birds and animal-life and have the opportunity to walk the northernmost section, the ‘crown jewel’ of the Bruce Trail. They can engage with other artists and craftspeople, attend farmers’ markets and experience excellent cuisine featuring local produce. We invite interested persons to contact us via our website.

The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association’s ‘Dark Sky’ initiative ensures that the peninsula keeps its starry nights in a world addicted to bright light. At M9 Contemporary Art Centre we have the rare opportunity to view the constellations unaffected by the ambient glow of towns and cities. We take our inspiration from Canis Major a constellation that includes two stars of note: Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and Canis majoris, an M9 red supergiant and largest star in the sky. In this, we pay homage to our first dog, Angus the red cairn terrier, consummate sportsman and artist in his own right. The mythological Canis Major, Orion’s hunting dog was said to be ‘a dog so swift that no prey could outrun it’. This prey was sure to include tennis balls and frisbees.

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