Antidotes to Speed

Time has changed. It seems as if there is never enough of it. I attribute this to an ever accelerating fascination with speed. There have always been those who crave speed in all its forms, and historically these individuals have been handsomely rewarded for their passion/compulsion to go higher, longer, faster than those who have gone before them. But now speed is not a choice but an imperative. We are all led to believe that we must get up to speed, maintain the pace or be left in the dust. Emotionally, mentally and physically we have been conditioned to accept this fact of life in an age dominated by the technologies that permeate every aspect of our lives. The problem is that we are not built for unrelenting speed and that we operate best when we can inject some time outs into the equation. Even though we instinctively know that this is the case, the harder part is allowing ourselves to experience a periodic slowdown without guilt and yes, fear of the consequences.

These works offer on one hand a visual acknowledgement of the attraction speed has for us. I document the upside of speed in all its forms. Its endless novelty and labyrinthine complexity fascinate us and engage our psyches. We are seduced by the palpable visceral thrill that speed provides. But these pieces also offer the possibility of immersion in another kind of world created by simple geometric forms, close to monochromatic colours and soft textures. I offer the possibility of slow art as an antidote to speed in the belief that the two are complementary and in the end not so mutually exclusive. Behind all the stuff speed provides is the same fundamental need to be in tune with the world that taking a deep breath in the midst of it all gives us.

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