Earth Bound/Sky High Drawings


One of our favourite places to draw is an abandoned quarry near our studio in Dyers Bay. A defining feature of the quarry site is a 400 m long line of armour rocks which was put in place to separate private from what has become public land. We set out to capture the character of each of these rocks using a variety of media and a large roll of medical examination paper which offered the right combination of strength and translucency to allow for drawing, rubbing and the tracing of particular features on the stones such as fossils. It was only after completing a considerable length of the drawing that we began to use the wind which tends to sweep around this bowl-like site as a component of the work. The work then became in a real sense ‘wind-driven’ and we photographed ourselves with the resulting flag and vortex drawings.

Michael Davey and Delwyn Higgens

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