A Flat Rock Beach Intervention


The Niagara Escarpment rising high above the coast of Georgian Bay on the Bruce Peninsula is composed of layers of dolostone limestone dating from the Silurian and Ordovician geological eras some 405 – 500 million years ago. Flat Rock beach in the hamlet of Dyers Bay is an area of low lying exposed rock that lends itself to examination for fossils of all kinds. Inspired by the myriad forms of ancient fossilized creatures and using ephemeral materials such as watercolour, charcoal and chalk, we completed a number of drawings on-site that were intended to point up the natural beauty of the area. These drawing interventions were undertaken in a considered way in keeping with the singular characters of the rocks, sometimes subtle, other times gay and colourful, and ultimately removeable by the elements, rain and wave action in the summer, snow and ice in the winter. We used photography to record the completed works before they disappeared.

Michael Davey and Delwyn Higgens

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