Studio Interior Sculpture 2011


My work with stone and wood has evolved according to my interest in using local found materials and objects as well as mapping and various cheap jerseys forms of travel. the large slabs of dolostone limestone that currently hang on my studio walls are castoffs from a local quarry. The textures and colours of the various rocks suggest to me topographical maps complete with contour lines and delineations of bodies of water. I have suspended smaller rocks including found fossils from wire in these constructions that also include scrap branches of local cedar and poplar. The narratives that result speak to a history of exploration and discovery in the largest sense, ancient seafaring cultures, native groups and modern day adventurers find their way in these works. In addition, I have used found wooden spoons that on one hand lend a domestic quotidian quality to the smaller wall works, but when combined with centuries old stone fragments acquire a certain gravitas and earthiness. On the other hand, the fact that these elements are suspended in various ways and are quite lightweight suggests the possibility of flight. One is reminded of old-fashioned balsa glider kits. Finally, I have assembled a number of rocks to resemble small sailing vessels that when taken together comprise my own studio ‘fleet’ and yes, I do enjoy moving them around my work table that because it is topped with construction grade plywood actually resembles the high cheap nhl jersey seas.

Michael Davey


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