M9 Contemporary Garden


On the M9 Contemporary site we have created a stone and sculpture garden that is unique in the Dyers Bay area. We have been fortunate enough to gradually acquire the rocks of our dreams that may or may not be desirable in a traditional sense. Each of the garden stones is special in its own way, from the curvy multi-layered rock which has become a viewpoint and lookout, its top made accessible by a hand-made cedar ladder to the very rare glaciated stone that retains the scrapes and scratches of ice-age abrasion and an indentation made by some ancient waterfall. We have two mini sculpture gardens that produce the most exquisite bonsai raspberry plants in the indentations left by the action of acid pebbles on the host alkaline stone. All of our rocks house or otherwise display sculpture, stone formations and cast metal objects. Our latest addition is a kind of totem ladder weather vane construction mounted on probably the finest stone we have which comes from deep enough within the Niagara Escarpment to show fine layers of oil from the ancient sea bed which underlies the Bruce Peninsula. This summer we completed the entranceway to the site with an anomaly, a very large egg-shaped piece of green granite. We have found that the rocks visually and energetically ground the property as well as providing a constant reminder of the age of the place.

Michael Davey and Delwyn Higgens

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